Branding is the soul of your business, and your first opportunity to strike emotional resonance with your target audience. These are the elements we take care of for you:

Why is branding Important?

Our process

Gives you

Logos, colours, icons. They all give your brand a personality - something people can connect with.

Makes you

A good brand is memorable, meaning that when your target audience is looking for something you offer, you’ll pop up top of mind.

Helps you
your values

Your values can and should be reflected in your brand - it’s the visual representation of who you are.

Creates consistency
across platforms

Cohesion is important when you want people to recognise you across multiple platforms. Branding is what drives that recognition.

Common challenges businesses face

Outdated appearance

Current branding looks or feels outdated.

Ineffective brand recognition

Poor brand recall or recognition due to lackluster branding.

Complex brand messaging

Unclear brand messaging making it difficult for target audiences to understand who a business is and what it stands for. 

Case study:

In the transformative case of Integr8, a forward-thinking IT company, we were tasked with creating a visual identity that resonated with Integr8’s innovative spirit. We designed a distinctive brand that not only captured their technological expertise but also reflected their commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

Read the full case study below

Our work

Our process

We get to
know you

As a first step, we seek to understand who you are and what you stand for.

We share this with
our design team

Our design team gains an understanding of your business, and we get started.


We research your industry, competitors, and target audience. This helps us understand what will be impactful in the space you operate within.


We strategise how we can consolidate your values, business aspirations and vision into your visual identity.


We formulate your visual identity, translating your brand values into practical solutions.


Your new brand identity is revealed to the world! If you’d like help setting the tone and marketing yourself effectively, feel free to get in touch about our Outsourced Marketing Department.

What we can do

Brand extensions entails strategically leveraging established brand elements to create cohesive collateral, reinforcing brand recognition and identity across various touchpoints. 

Typography involves strategically applying established font choices to create consistent and recognisable design elements across diverse materials, reinforcing brand identity and enhancing visual coherence. 

Brochure design to support you with collateral and integrate established brand elements into brochure design to maintain consistency, reinforce brand identity, and ensure effective communication of brand values and offerings. 

Enhance your brand with icons and symbols into various design contexts to maintain consistency, enhance visual communication, and reinforce brand recognition across different platforms and media. 

Brand storytelling entails crafting narratives that authentically convey the brand’s values, mission, and unique identity to engage and resonate with target audiences, fostering deeper connections and brand loyalty. 

Brand guidelines involve creating a comprehensive document that outlines the rules and standards for using brand elements consistently across various applications, ensuring cohesive and recognisable brand representation across all channels and touchpoints.