Consistent, on-brand content to connect with your
audience and increase your online visibility.

It’s often said that a brand has 2.6 seconds to make an impression on a potential client or customer before they start forming an opinion.

What impact does your brand have in those first key moments?


Your brand identity needs to connect emotionally with your target audience. By exciting and inspiring your audience, you can develop high brand recognition and build a loyal customer base.

With that in mind, a rebrand is so much more than a new logo and a few extra colours - it’s a complete rethink of the visual representation of you, your team and your products and services.

In the early stages of our partnership, we’ll get to know your brand inside out - identifying your key offerings and understanding the personality we need to build in order to connect with your clients and customers.


When rebranding or refreshing a brand, it’s important to focus on not only your internal objectives, but also what’s happening outside the four walls of your business.

What are your competitors doing? What external threats are there to your current offerings? And most importantly, what can we do to change course and navigate these smoothly.

We ensure that we invest ample time into the research stage of any branding project - using existing campaigns to measure the strength of the current brand, and strategise for improvements, changes and new ideas.


Once we’ve built a clear picture of what you’d like your brand to become, the creative process can begin.

We’ll present several initial concepts for you to choose from, communicating closely with you to gain feedback and ensure that the project meets your deadlines.

The process won’t end until you’re completely happy with your new branding guidelines - meaning we’re open to unlimited revisions, no matter their size. We understand how important the tiny decisions are when it comes to creating a brand you’re proud of, and our work isn’t over until you can confidently say your branding presents you in the way you want to be seen.

Once your new, strong branding is approved and finalised, you’ll have a powerful toolkit of logo designs, assets, graphics and guidelines to streamline and optimise your marketing activities for years to come, giving your business a boost and ensuring you appeal to your target audience.


Let's arrange a call to discuss some of the challenges you are facing and to find out if an outsourced marketing department could be a logical next step.


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