Search engine optimisation

Are you frustrated with your website not ranking well on Google for your top keywords?

Google uses over 200 signals for scoring and ranking websites, and last year there were over 5,000 changes to this criteria.


Enhancing your keyword strategy to secure higher rankings and increased visibility.


Elevating the quality and SEO effectiveness of your content for maximum impact.

Technical SEO

Addressing and resolving technical issues such as slow page speed and broken links to improve search performance.


backlink building

Implementing a targeted approach to acquiring authoritative and relevant backlinks, enhancing your site's credibility.



Staying ahead of search engine algorithm changes with proactive strategies for consistent visibility.


Providing insights and actionable recommendations based on a clear interpretation of SEO analytics data.

Turning strategy into tangible results

Continuous performance analysis

Fine-tuning for maximum impact

3 pillars of SEO success

Our approach revolves around the key pillars of SEO, ensuring
a comprehensive strategy that propels your website to the top of search engine rankings.

On-page SEO

Optimise your web content with precision. From blogs to copy, we fine-tune every detail to ensure your site is not just seen but that it also resonates with your audience.

Off-page SEO

Boost your website's authority with our backlink expertise. We build high-quality links that solidify your online credibility, leading to improved search engine rankings.

Technical SEO

Navigate the technical landscape effortlessly. From site indexing to speed optimisation, we ensure your website is search engine-friendly, providing a seamless
user experience.

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SEO audit using our tool

Report includes:

Case study

My Ohana

Learn how a nursery and childcare group engaged Mitchell & Stones to help them fill vacancies across their nursery network by improving their organic rankings for relevant keywords in the geographies they operate in.


Engagement increase

SEO: (Q2 2023 – Q1 2024)


Increase in new users

SEO: (Q2 2023 – Q1 2024)

Common FAQs

Typically, the time to see noticeable results from SEO can vary based on factors like website history, competition, and industry, but our team works diligently to deliver tangible improvements within a few months 

Yes, we provide ongoing content updates tailored to enhance your SEO strategy, ensuring your website remains relevant and competitive. This includes periodically writing and deploying blogs, creating new pages, on-page and off-page SEO and depending on your package, backlinking. 

Our robust monitoring tools enable us to track key SEO metrics regularly, and we will hold a monthly meeting to discuss progress from the previous month. We will highlight improvements, areas that might not be going to plan and come prepped with solutions for what needs to be implemented to continue growth. 

Initial fixed term of 4 months to enable us to have a sufficient amount of time to demonstrate initial results. At the end of the 4 month test drive period we will have a conversation about continuing together. If we continue into month five we will commit to a 12 month strategy together.  

SEO Packages


Strategy and implementation end-to-end
  • All features of Advisory
  • Implementation of on-page SEO recommendations
  • Creation and optimisation of website content, including blog posts and landing pages
  • Management of off-page SEO activities such as link building and outreach
  • Technical SEO implementation including site audits, fixes, and optimisations
  • Regular monitoring and adjustments based on analytics and performance data
  • Ongoing keyword research and optimisation efforts
  • Monthly performance reports with insights and recommendations
£1,500 ex VAT per month


Monthly consultancy of changes and optimisations
  • Monthly SEO consultation and strategy sessions
  • Comprehensive SEO audit of website
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • On-page SEO recommendations including meta tags, headings, and content optimisation
  • Technical SEO recommendations for site structure, speed, and mobile-friendliness
  • Monthly progress reports and performance tracking
£1,000 ex VAT per month

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