Stand out from the crowd with reputation-building PR, giving you the commercial edge on your competitors and boosting your brand in the marketplace.

Build trust and authority through media attention.

Effective PR is a powerful way to cut through the noise of today’s digital world and speak directly, clearly and convincingly to your prospective customers.

Whilst many businesses compete for ever-diminishing space on popular platforms, a thoughtful PR strategy can help to provide visibility and brand exposure through lesser trodden news outlets.

We’ll build a bespoke tone of voice strategy for your brand, creating a detailed framework to ensure all communications are consistent and aligned with your wider marketing objectives.

We’ve got a keen eye for a high-quality story that will drive emotion, and we know what journalists love. Whether it’s a company milestone, an exciting CSR initiative or a team activity, our ideas and concepts are proven to be developed into multiple news stories every time.

We ensure that your message gets seen and heard as you would want it to, in front of the people who you’d most like to interact with.


From full-page magazine features to snappy news articles, we’ll adapt our approach to the content format we feel best fits the objective for each campaign. We’ll research extensively, gather quotes and insights from you and sew it all together in a cohesive, highly readable final article.

If you're unsure of how you want to sound online, allow us to help you create a tone of voice to be proud of.

We offer unlimited amends for you, making sure you are completely happy with the message and its positioning before we go live.


A story is only as powerful as the promotion it receives. We understand that a great story needs some serious energy behind it to ensure that your message reaches far and wide - and we’re experts at doing just that.

We’ll build a dedicated campaign to ensure that any coverage is picked up across all socials and direct outreach streams, leaving nobody out of the loop.


At Mitchell & Stones, every decision we make is based on data and metrics. We firmly believe that each campaign, no matter how successful it is, offers vital insights and learnings, which will help to supercharge future projects.

We’ll monitor coverage, links and ROI, presenting all metrics back to you on a monthly basis so that you have a clear picture of all KPIs on your brand image at all times.


Let's arrange a call to discuss some of the challenges you are facing and to find out if an outsourced marketing department could be a logical next step.


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