Simplifying complex offerings and processes to help prospective clients understand you in 90 seconds or less

Our process

Let’s get acquainted

The first step of any project we undertake is to gain strategic direction so that we can deliver results. We’ll spend some time getting to know you to understand your goals and vision.

Creating a storyboard

We’ll storyboard a concept to help you meet your goals. We’ll develop a narrative, write a script, define and select frames, and ensure that each creative choice aligns with your business’s identity.

We bring your offering to life

Once you’ve approved the script and storyboard, our animators will begin bringing your business offering to life!

Promote your video

The exciting bit! You receive your finalised animation. At this stage, many of our clients opt to use our Outsourced Marketing Department to market their business and their new animation effectively.

Common challenges businesses face

Communication challenges

Complex or abstract concepts can be difficult to communicate to your target audience. We’re here to simplify it for you.

Conversion issues

Your target audience won’t become paying customers if they don’t understand what you’re selling. Let’s make it simple, and increase your sales.

Technical complexity

Technically complex products can be difficult to sell. We’ll create something that the average consumer can understand.

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    Ready to bring your business to life?

    Book a call with us, and we’ll chat about how our team of experts can create something tailored to your target audience, and geared towards conversion.

    Case study:

    In the realm of IT infrastructure partnerships, we took on the challenge of breaking down Integr8’s collaborative process with clients through a simple designed explainer animation. 

    Faced with the intricacies of IT solutions, we embarked on a journey to create a visual narrative that demystified Integr8’s client engagement process through a explainer animation

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