An entire marketing department for the price of a single salary

Common challenges organisations face when approaching their marketing

Struggle to diversify streams for new business

It's not uncommon for organisations to have an over-reliance on 'what has always worked' activities, which sometimes causes panic if referrals and traditional activities seem to no longer produce at rates previously experienced

Frustrations with performance

Concerns around prior investments into marketing providing little to no results - either through an internal strategy or an unfortunate experience with an agency

around strategy

Worries about not fully understanding how to best utilise and synchronise both online and offline marketing activities in a challenging environment

How it works

Case study
Insituform UK

Learn how a global pipe rehabilitation company decided to integrate Mitchell & Stones into their UK organisation as their marketing function in its entirety.

Key services provided:

  • Social Media strategy and execution
  • Database nurturing
  • Lead generation strategy and execution
  • Human positioning for key employees

Read the case study by clicking on the link below

Delivering everything you need for the price of a single salary

Whether we deliver all of your marketing activity or support your internal team, we will help you to grow your brand and increase revenue 

Delivering everything you need for the
price of a single salary

Whether we deliver all of your marketing activity or support your internal team, we will help you to grow your brand and increase revenue

Social Media Management & Strategy

With our social media management service, we’ll take care of everything for you when it comes to your brand presence across social channels. We’ll create engaging content, schedule posts and analyse performance to boost your brand’s online presence.

We’ll develop custom strategies, monitor trends, interact with your audience and optimise campaigns to help you reach your goals and grow your community online.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Our Lead Generation service is designed to drive targeted, high-quality opportunities to your business. Utilising data-driven insights, we create and manage campaigns that attract and convert potential customers. From email drip campaigns to LinkedIn outreach and direct mail, we tailor our approach to resonate with your target prospects. With continuous optimisation and detailed reporting, we ensure your campaigns deliver measurable results, helping you to grow your customer base and maximise your ROI.

Google Ads &
Paid Social Advertising

Our Google Ads and Paid Social services will drive targeted traffic to your website. We’ll create and manage effective ad campaigns, optimising for maximum ROI.

From keyword research to performance analysis, we’ll ensure your ads reach the right audience, helping you achieve your marketing objectives, whether focused on a specific product/service or looking to generate demand in a new market.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO service enhances your online visibility through strategic technical, on-page and off-page optimisation. We conduct thorough keyword research, audit your website content and implement best practices to improve your rankings on search engines. Our approach ensures that your site attracts organic traffic, leading to increased engagement and conversions. With ongoing monitoring and adjustments, we stay ahead of algorithm changes, ensuring sustained success.

Email Marketing
(Newsletters & Lead Nurturing)

Our Email Marketing services, including newsletters and lead nurturing, will help you engage with and convert your audience. We’ll design compelling emails, segment your lists and automate campaigns to maximise impact. By analysing performance, we’ll refine strategies to ensure your messages resonate, driving engagement building your subscriber list.

Marketing Advice & Consultancy

Not sure where to start when it comes to a winning marketing strategy? We offer a Marketing Advice & Consultancy service, which injects expert marketing guidance into your current operation. We provide tailored advice based on extensive research, target audience profiling and competitor analysis, all considered through the lens of your key business objectives. Whether you need help with campaign planning, market research, or brand development, our team will deliver actionable insights and strategic recommendations to propel you forwards.

Graphic Design On-Demand

Our Graphic Design On-Demand service offers professional, high-quality designs tailored to your needs for marketing collateral. From logos to brochures and event materials, we create visually stunning content that aligns with your brand. With quick turnaround times and unlimited revisions, we ensure your vision comes to life, helping you stand out amongst your competitors.

LinkedIn training & accountability

Our LinkedIn Training & Accountability service empowers your team to leverage LinkedIn for brand growth and business development. We offer comprehensive training sessions that cover profile optimisation, content creation, and best practises for networking strategies. Additionally, our ongoing accountability support then ensures that the entire team stays on track with activity targets, providing regular check-ins and performance reviews.

Video Production Photography

Our Video Production and Photography service provides expertly crafted video and photo assets designed to captivate your audience. From concept development to final edits, we create engaging and professional content that tells your brand’s story. Whether you need promotional videos, event coverage, refreshed headshots or product imagery, our team delivers high-quality results that elevate your digital presence.

CRM Management

Our CRM Management service streamlines your customer relationship management to enhance the synergy between sales and marketing in your business. We help you to select, implement, and optimise a CRM system that fits your business needs. Our team ensures your CRM is configured to capture and analyse customer data effectively, facilitating better communication and personalised marketing campaigns. With ongoing support and training, we can help you to maximise the potential of your CRM, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty while boosting your business growth.

Internal hire vs outsourced marketing team

Compare hiring internally with having us as your outsourced marketing department

Most internal marketing employees are generalists who have shallow knowledge of lot’s of things but might not be expert level at one particular activity. This runs the risk of spending money and time unnecessarily if the internal employee does not fully understand aspects such as SEO, PPC, Social Media and effective email marketing

Your core team comprises of an Account Manager, exec and assistant and will oversee all activities across your marketing operation.

Supporting them are the specialists in house with expertise in design, SEO, PPC and CRO. With this balance, you can ensure the right people are working on the right activities at all times.

Internal marketing employees are typically expected to deliver all activities across the function. 

This in most cases is unrealistic for a full time employee and requires more often than not additional support either in the form of further hires or agency support.

All the activities required will be distributed across your team of three within MS and to the experts ensuring enough time is spent on activities to maintain high standards, quality and output.

Business leaders are sometimes unable to clearly attribute what happens in marketing with growth of the business. This commonly leads to a decline in confidence when investing in new marketing initiatives

Along with communicating daily via Microsoft Teams we will also hold a formal monthly review meeting where we present back the data uncovering and clearly communicating what’s working, what isn’t working and subsequent ideas to ensure we are always pushing in the right direction.

It’s no secret that employees come and go. Just when we thought we had stability there is disruption due to marketing employees exiting the business.

With the average tenure in a marketing manager role around 2-3 years, any investment made in development can quickly feel it’s for another organisations benefit.

We have a high retention rate of people within Mitchell & Stones. In the event someone from your pod was to leave the business, we are structured in a way that knowledge and nuance retention is never solely with a single individual

Who we’ve worked with

The process

Discovery Call

Initial discovery call to explore whether we could be a good fit for each other. We will ask each other some questions and between us work out if moving to a proposal could make sense.


Our proposal will be presented to you and will outline the services, how we think it would work along with pricing. You will be sent a PDF after the meeting for you to decide whether you would like to work together.


We will have an initial kick off meeting and subsequent deep dive meeting to build the processes of communication with key stakeholders and begin working together.


We bring an entire team with diverse expertise at a fraction of the cost of what one employee would cost you. Moreover, our packages are all-inclusive, meaning that you can greatly reduce the amount of costly additional services you might normally have to source.

Absolutely! As an integral part of our internal procedures, we schedule strategy meetings specifically tailored to your business. During these sessions, we delve into ways to consistently enhance performance through the introduction of innovative ideas, streamlined processes, and strategic initiatives. This underscores the value of having a dedicated team collaborating with your business at the cost of a single employee. 

In line with our dedication to becoming an integral part of your team, daily communication will primarily take place through Microsoft Teams. Communication will be seamless, akin to having a team member working remotely. Every month, we will also have a formal review meeting so we can review progress, analyse results, and discuss upcoming plans. 

Upon engaging our services, we will establish a Direct Debit arrangement, automating the deduction of your package amount on the same day every month. You will also receive an email containing the invoice and payment confirmation. 

We are results-driven and are motivated by long-term relationships. We will start working together on a 4-month ‘test drive’ period where you can see what it’s like to work with us. Upon moving into month 5 together, we will commit to each other for 12 months.