The support your internal marketing team have been waiting for

We act as an extension to your marketing team supporting with day-to-day activities and specialist skills

Common challenges internal marketing teams face

Common challenges internal marketing teams face


Stressed about not having the hours within the team to deliver everything that needs to be executed or not having the right resource in place to deliver on objectives


Concerns with balancing agencies and/or freelancers with little cohesion, all while individual supplier fees just seem to keep mounting

of time

Struggling to focus on strategy and creative thinking due to being dragged into the day-to-day workload - not an ideal of efficient use of time

Ways we can work together


As part of our commitment to integrating into your team, we will be communicating almost daily via Microsoft Teams. Communication is key and it will feel no different to having someone working remotely. Every month, we will also have a monthly review meeting so we can review progress, results and discuss upcoming plans.

In some cases, this might be the right thing to do. Additional hires can be quite costly and the salary is fixed. Some clients use us on an ad-hoc basis which is flexible while others have a requirement for a specific skill or expertise which may not require a full time contract. You can dial us up and down based on what your organisation requires at that point in time.  

If you are utilising us on an ad-hoc basis, there is no commitment. If the level of activity is something that needs to be worked on every month, we will work together initially on a fixed 4 month period. At the end of the four months, you can decide based on what you have seen whether you would like to part ways or continue together. If we continue into month 5 we will commit to each other for 12 months.  

At the start of our relationship we will hold a deep dive meeting which is typically a two hour meeting where we ask a series of questions to help us understand offerings, processes that need to be in place to make our relationship successful and to better understand products and services. Naturally for more complex offerings, it is unlikely we will ever be experts but we have techniques and systems we use to ensure we have access to the information we need.  

If you think it could make sense to have a conversation to see if we could be a good for each other, feel free to book a discovery call and we will be in touch.  

Case study
Leading UHNW Finance Broker, London

Learn how one of London’s leading ultra-high-net-worth finance brokers engaged Mitchell & Stones to support their internal marketing department during pinch points which caused their activity levels to suffer.

This client engaged Mitchell & Stones on an ad-hoc basis to ensure there was no drop in activity while working on significant marketing related projects for other areas of the business.

What happens
on a Discovery Call?

Designed to support marketing directors and managers who are overwhelmed and potentially under-resourced for the day-to-day execution of activities. Alternatively, there may be specialist skill gaps, such as SEO, PPC and graphic design.

We integrate into your internal marketing function, supporting the execution of key activities and ideas, and strategy if required. We communicate with you daily and collaborate with you as an engaged and knowledgeable extension to your team.

The process

Discovery Call

Initial discovery call to explore whether we could be a good fit for each other. We will ask each other some questions and between us work out if moving to a proposal could make sense.


Our proposal will be presented to you and will outline the services, how we think it would work along with pricing. You will be sent a PDF after the meeting for you to decide whether you would like to work together.


We will have an initial kick off meeting and subsequent deep dive meeting to build the processes of communication with key stakeholders and begin working together.

Who we’ve worked with