How to Choose a Branding Agency For Your Business – 7 Practical Tips

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A branding agency takes on the brunt of the creative work, connecting your ideas and vision with their own knowledge and understanding of the market – of what works and of what doesn’t work.

There are only so many different ways of producing a product – and if you’re tapping into an existing market, then the chances are that your product already exists.

A leading product will only get you so far. Because, at the end of the day, the thing that customers will remember and will keep coming back to is your brand.

Your brand is what separates you from the rest of the market. It combines your product line or service package with your business vision, values, and mission. It considers your target audience and pinpoints their problems and their needs – creating something that they can’t say no to.

In short, they can get your product (or similar) from anywhere. It’s your brand that will really make or break the sale.

Which is where this blog comes in.

Why Use a Branding Agency?

A branding agency works to transform your vision into something tangible that can be representative of your brand across any and all platforms and touchpoints.

Not to mention, they infuse their own ideas with yours to create something even better – provided, that is, you instruct and work alongside the right agency for you.

Here are 7 practical tips to help you identify the best branding agency to support and work with you.

What is Your Brand?

Before we dive into our top 7 tips for choosing a branding agency to work with, let’s first consider the touchpoints that make up your brand.

It’s easy to view the brand as simply a logo and strapline. But it’s so much more than that.

Your brand is seen in your tone of voice, the social platforms you use, and the way you communicate and are perceived across the market. It considers not just your customers but your peers and competitors, suppliers, and stakeholders. And it makes sure that everything you put out there is cohesive and well-connected.

7 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Agency

1.      Ask to see their portfolio

This isn’t just about assessing the quality of their previous branding work – it is also a good way to see the kinds of clients and businesses that an agency has worked with in the past.

If they regularly work with B2B businesses and you are in the B2B market yourself then this is a strong sign that they know how to make the right statement for your industry. If they tend to specialise in family attractions and you’re looking for a more formal B2B brand, then they may not be the right fit – even if what they produce is of a high quality.

2.      Look at their own branding and online journey

Your brand is such an integral part of your business, both online and offline. With the rise in online product and brand discovery, businesses are increasingly motivated by the curation of a perfect customer journey – and there is no better way to identify the quality of an agency’s work than by assessing their own branding.

You should be looking to work with a brand that walks the walk and delivers everything they promise for their own brand too. This highlights the agency as one that cares about its reputation.

3.      Understand their briefing requirements and process

When it comes to outsourcing your branding, you need to partner with an agency that you can trust and that you feel you can work with collaboratively. One of the best ways to ascertain whether the agency offers a collaborative approach is to ask for a breakdown of the process and the project timeline.

You want to look for regular check-ins and discussions, with opportunities for flexibility and conversation.

4.      Consider the price

Sure, you don’t want to pay through the roof – but you don’t want to work with an agency that offers its packages at such a cheap rate that it feels as if brands are simply being mass-produced using an existing template.

A bespoke branding package takes time, and it takes work. These are things worth paying for.

5.      Make sure you know what’s included

While we’re on the topic of price, another practical tip worth considering is the package and what it includes.

If you’re paying upfront for a branding service, make sure you know what is included so that you can discuss additional needs before committing. For example, you will find that some agencies include revisions and reworks in the cost, while others don’t.

6.      Find out who you will be working with

One of the benefits of working with a branding agency is access to a number of individuals, each with their own specialities and skills in different areas. Having said that, for ease of communication it is best to have a project manager who you liaise with and can reach out to directly.

Finding out from the agency how they communicate with clients – and testing this for yourself by seeing how they respond to your initial enquiry and any follow-up questions – will give you some insight into what the process will be like from your perspective.

This can help you to decide if they are going to deliver what you need when you need it.

7.      Share your ideas!

Branding agencies work with new clients day in and day out and are well-versed in creating branding and marketing collateral from scratch. Having said that, don’t be afraid to share your ideas.

A great branding agency will be open to your ideas and to your vision and will work within any brief you set to create something that’s powerful and relevant to your audience, and that you also love as a business.

It’s so important to strike the right balance when building a brand – and often, working with an agency is the best way to proceed. For more guidance on branding and further marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Mitchell & Stones team directly.

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