The Client

gin & Jones

G&J founder Andy Jones had an idea for an online gin store and gin club which provided a vast range of gins from the furthest reaches of the world and to offer gin tasting experiences and more. Andy approached Mitchell & Stones with the concept and brand name he had in mind.

Website Design & Optimisation​

Video & Animation

Digital Marketing

Brand Development

The Mission

Bringing Gin & Jones online

Join us on the exciting journey when we took Gin & Jones from concept to reality

Establishing an Identity


What do we want people to feel when they see the G&J logo we asked? We want people to feel bold, quirky, cheeky and a sense of high quality. We provided 3-4 logo concepts to Andy and after a few revisions, the Gin & Jones brand was born

We provided logos, branding guideline, fonts and colours.

The Service

Website design

The next step was building the online shop and optimising the process of how users were to engage with various aspects of the business such as the gin club & shop. Our focus area throughout was to create a visually pleasing experience which spoke quality throughout any interaction from potential customers.

The Service

Video and photography

It is important to be unique and personable in a busy online marketplace. With this in mind we collectively agreed that Andy Jones was to become the face of Gin & Jones and by utilising video and photography content, we can build an audience to engage with the monthly offerings and latest releases.

The Service

Digital Marketing

Mitchell & Stones manage the social media marketing for Gin & Jones. Regularly and consistently updating all channels with latest offerings, deals and gin of the weeks! Every month a variety of paid campaigns are run to attract a wider audience and generate leads and sales for the product range.

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