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Who are Absols?

Absols are an end-to-end IT solutions provider based in Maidstone, servicing SMEs and sole traders throughout the UK. They install and manage bespoke IT systems and assist client businesses to develop IT strategies. Alongside this, Absols also design bespoke networks and advise on the most suitable hardware and software to meet independent business objectives.

Absols approached us to develop their social media platforms and create a modern and synergised brand online. Our goal was to determine a unique brand identity for the company which as a result would allow them to break through the online marketplace and create increased brand awareness.

Through our strategic key pillar content plan, we were able to transform Absols’ social presence. Through a mixture of high-quality graphic design and content development on their social channels, we elevated their online visual identity. The creation of content that resonates and connects with their target audience was a key part of our strategy.

To scale up their follower increase, we implemented social engagement strategies to grow the accounts. This resulted in the development of an active community of followers across all of Absols’ social media channels.

Utilising our social media marketing metric software, we were able to measure levels brand awareness and brand recognition. An increase in engagement through our social media strategy informed us that the content was being delivered to the correct audience.

“The Mitchell & Stones team are an ambitious and capable bunch. They have been really helpful with positioning and growing our brand at Absols over the last couple of years.
They deliver on commitments and are good partners to any business.”

– Absols IT


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