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Outsourced Marketing Department


Investment Management


Sussex, UK

A brand growth investment: social media expertise for fine wine brokers, Vin-X

Founded in 2010, Vin-X is a leading fine wine investment company in the UK.Seeking to elevate their social media presence, Vin-X approached us in 2022. Without an internal marketing team, they desired a comprehensive solution. We offered an Outsourced Marketing Department service, catering to their unique needs.

What we did:

Social Media 



Before working with us, Vin-X faced three primary challenges:

To address these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive targeted towards Vin-X’s ideal audience. Here's how it unfolded:

To address these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive towards Vin-X’s ideal audience. Here's how it unfolded:

Looking to establish an ambitious strategic approach, we highlighted the immediate benefits of consistent posting and championed the frequency of high-value content across all brand social channels. We ensured that content aligned with Vin-X’s core values, delivering informative and engaging content to their target audience with a view to intrigue, educate and nurture our client’s prospects.


Vin-X had increased its following to 500 within the first year of working with us, which considering the industry niche was a significant milestone for the brand. Two years later, they have exceeded initial expectations, boasting a sizeable and engaged community. We also collaborated with Vin-X on the creation, design and production of an animation explainer video to improve engagement through lead generation customer journeys.


This collaboration demonstrates the transformative power of strategic social media management. We empowered Vin-X to cultivate a strong online presence, establish brand expertise, and achieve growth objectives as they emerged as the go-to authority in fine wine investment.