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A Blank Slate: Building Integr8’s Digital Presence 

Integr8-IT specialises in providing bespoke, tech-forward IT and connectivity solutions to maximise business efficiency and usability. Integr8’s Founder, approached us when he started his business to establish Integr8’s brand identity and digital presence in the competitive IT landscape. They lacked a website and established branding, both of which are crucial to create a strong first impression. 

What we did:




Before working with us,
Integr8 faced two primary challenges: 

To address these challenges, we identified two elements which would be key toIntegr8’s success

We identified two elements which would be key to GroundTech’s success:

Strategic Branding

The first project was to create a bespoke brand guideline. Solidifying this foundation was essential to ensure that all future projects and marketing strategies were consistent.
We wanted to ensure that Integr8’s logo represented the brand and its values. The fluidity and cell-like structure of the logo encapsulate the core idea that Integr8 seamlessly integrates into a business. The logo is versatile and adaptable, with variations in copy and favicons available. We also created variations of the new logo using the brand’s four primary colours. These represent different aspects of the brand’s voice and personality, as each colour represents something unique. From a dominant dark blue associated with sophistication and authority to the vivid and bright purple which portrays creativity and charm, each colour works both independently and collectively to represent Integr8 and its message. 

Website Development

When creating Integr8’s website, we worked closely with our client and considered the project goals. Our main objectives in relation to design were to ensure the website had a modern, sleek look, and an easily navigable user experience. It was equally as important to structure the site to maximise conversions. We included strategic calls to action and designed customer journeys to encourage visitors to inquire.  

After market research and outlining the content strategy, we were able to move to design and implement Integr8’s branding. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our graphic designers and Integr8’s team, we were able to create a visually appealing, user-friendly, and effective online platform that reflected the company’s values and services. 



The new branding and website have been a success in boosting Integr8's online presence. Brand awareness is up, reflected in increased website traffic. Additionally, strategic SEO implementation has secured Integr8 a higher ranking in search results for relevant IT keywords, making it easier for potential clients to find them. 


The website now serves as central hub for Integr8’s online activity, and presents all offerings to any prospective client clearly before guiding them to convert. The overall presentation of the brand and website speaks to the initial points of  inspiration from the design exploration stage. 


The revamped website is proving to be a valuable tool for lead generation. Integr8 has seen a significant increase in qualified leads captured through the website. This is further supported by a higher conversion rate on contact forms and calls to action, indicating a greater interest from potential clients in Integr8's IT solutions.


Our collaborative efforts successfully established a strong brand identity and digital presence for Integr8. The new branding, with its focus on differentiation and expertise, is evident in the logo design and brand guidelines. The user-friendly website, built with SEO and conversions in mind, has increased brand awareness, improved first impressions, and generated a significant number of qualified leads for Integr8. This project serves as a testament to the power of strategic branding and website development in propelling a startup’s success.