Case Study:
Ground Tech

Client / Company:
Ground Tech

Branding & Website Project





Cultivating a Brand Identity Through Innovation

GroundTech, a fledgling landscape maintenance company specialising in robotic solutions, sought our expertise to establish its brand identity and online presence. Their vision was to stand out in a traditional industry with a modern, tech-driven approach. 

What we did:




Before working with us,
GroundTech faced two primary challenges: 

Websites can be an organisation’s greatest asset for new business opportunities. If any of the following challenges resonate in your world it could be worth having a conversation with us:

To address these challenges, we identified two elements which would be key to GroundTech’s success: 

Strategic Branding

First tackling the fundamentals of a new brand, we began with a design consultation phase, analysing competitors, market trends, and obtaining a sense of the client’s aspirations for their visual identity. 
Phase two then encompassed a presentation of multiple variations of the potential new brand, experimenting with both the adoption and subversion of market trends, as well as various options for colours, logo forms and brand motifs. 
Working together with the client, we created an efficient and highly collaborative feedback loop, advancing with changes, amendments and developments as a team. The end result was a confirmed brand guideline and a new company logo, both of which embodied the best concepts and ideas from our initial sessions, and which came together to align with the visual identity our client had imagined for their brand. 

Website Development

Aligning with the established brand identity, we designed a user-friendly, SEO-optimised website that incorporated e-commerce functionality, catering to both domestic and contractor customers. The website functioned as an online market for their products, showcasing both their B2B and B2C offerings. 

The site had an e-commerce function as well as enquiry sections for each of the services that they offer. With customer experience front of mind, the structure of our design was tailored to be user-friendly, and also to highlight the flexibility of the products through a bold banner and an easy-to-navigate menu. 


Successful Launch

We delivered the branding kit and website on time and within budget, surpassing the client's expectations. The website remains vital, serving as a flexible hub for the brand's online presence, attracting thousands of monthly visitors.

Brand Recognition

The branding set GroundTech apart from competitors, positioning them as a modern and innovative industry player. GroundTech sought a unique identity blending agricultural and technological elements without one overshadowing the other.

Increased Visibility

The SEO-optimised website improved online visibility, attracting potential clients and driving sales. Following the completion of the website, GroundTech enlisted us for further marketing support in order to leverage the new brand assets. 


Through strategic branding and website development, we empowered GroundTech to cultivate a distinct brand identity that reflected their innovative spirit and target audience. This successful collaboration laid the foundation for their continued growth within the landscaping industry.