Case Study:
Alibion PLC

Client / Company:

Alibion PLC


Bespoke Campaign


IT Services


London, UK

Opportunity Generation for Business Mac Campaign 

Albion Computers approached Mitchell & Stones with a specific challenge: to promote their cashback offer on selected MacBook purchases for VAT registered or incorporated businesses. The campaign aimed to drive sales and increase brand visibility within the UK market. 

What we did:

Google Ads

Email Marketing 

LinkedIn Ads

The Campaign:

We devised a multi-channel campaign strategy targeting both existing and prospective clients of Albion Computers. We implemented a multi-touch approach, leveraging both cold and warm data sources. This allowed us to engage with the target audience across various touchpoints, maximising effectiveness. 

What We Did: 

Challenges Faced

Before turning to us Albion faced several challenges, primarily centred around the time investment required for extensive outreach and the identification of suitable prospects. 

To overcome these challenges, Mitchell & Stones implemented strategic solutions and optimised processes:

Despite challenges, the campaign achieved significant success. Strict brand guidelines from Apple necessitated careful adherence, which was successfully managed. Cold email outreach showed promising engagement, and Google Ads delivered tangible conversions, particularly through targeted search campaigns. 


Cold Emails Results:


Open rate

Cold Emails Results:


Click rate

Google Ads Results: 



Google Ads Results: 




Through a strategic blend of digital marketing channels, we successfully amplified Albion Computers’ cashback offer,
driving both engagement and conversions. The campaign not only met but exceeded expectations, demonstrating the value of a tailored, multi-channel approach in achieving marketing objectives.